ProDoc - Electronic Document Flow

ProDoc is a high-quality document flow management system that efficiently manages the company's internal, incoming and outgoing documents.

PDF presentation

PDF presentation


Incoming documents

The system records all types of documents of organizations and institutions and distributes them to the relevant sections for implementation. Newly received documents are scanned and added to the electronic document. Thus, the electronic turnover of the documentation is ensured. The implementation period is introduced in the system and the expiration date is followed up. Notifications relating to the necessary documents are sent to the performers automatically.

Internal documents

ProDOC Electronic Document Management This module of ERP solution automates the circulation of various types of documents used within any enterprise and organization through this module. The document templates included in the system cover the activities of all areas of the enterprise, including Accounting, Human Resources, Sales, Customer Relations, Procurement and Administration. This system of ProDOC solution provides electronic design and form of documents, electronic approval and transactions by relevant persons is responsible for the formation of histories.

Outgoing documents

ProDOC electronic document management ERP solution module automates the response to emails sent to and from other entities. Each incoming or outgoing document is registered, entered into the system, and operational histories of the activities of the executors who prepared that document in connection with the document are formed. The responses to each incoming letter are coordinated, forming a single chain of connection. The output documents are scanned and attached to the electronic document.

Preparation of documents

This module of ProDOC electronic document management ERP solution automates the process of preparation and verification of documents (letters, appeals, applications, complaints) sent from enterprises and organizations. The documents prepared by the executors are checked by the appointed responsible person and it is agreed to send them through the electronic confirmation operation. The document issued directly within the prepared electronic document is registered and both are interconnected. The document is registered and operational histories of the executors who prepare it are formed.


Automates the forwarding of each incoming document to the designated responsible persons within the organization and enterprise in accordance with its purpose. After receiving and executing the document in electronic form, the responsible persons shall send it to other designated persons for execution in an understandable form. The system automatically generates tasks for the executors by the responsible person and monitors the execution times. The work performed by the executors of the tasks is reflected in the history of operations.

E-Power of attorney

The system ensures that operations related to electronic document circulation (preparation, verification, approval, signing of documents, etc.) are carried out even when the responsible persons and executors are not at work for various reasons. Officials and executors who are absent from work due to vacation, business trip, illness or other reasons transfer their powers to other colleagues by drawing up an E-power of attorney for the relevant operations. All transactions under the e-power of attorney are reflected in a special history.


ProDOC electronic document management The universal reporting module of the ERP solution generates and submits reports in various combinations related to the circulation of electronic documents for any period (day, week, month, or year). Through these visual reports, it is possible to obtain comparative results of the various parameters reflected in the circles and diagrams. Through various filters of the module, the incoming subject, the status of incoming and outgoing documents, the person responsible for the document, the executor, etc. it is possible to sort by criteria.